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Welcome to a brand new Rats: Ratlantis Mod. This is an expansion for the popular mod, Minecraft. This one takes the gameplay to a whole new level, and introduces a few new breeds of rats, as well as other creatures you may not want to kill. Here’s what this mod has to offer.


First, we’ll start with caves. Rats will not appear in plain caves anymore, because they are no longer natural enemies of the player. Instead, they will crawl through tiny holes and enter your home. They can be found in every part of the map, though their most common place is the industrial district. It is recommended that you clear out all the industrial areas before attempting to begin playing the game with this mod, so that you won’t randomly stumble upon several caves.


Secondly, we will talk about the types of rats in this mod. Instead of running around looking for them like the vanilla game, you will have a wide variety of options. There are giant varieties which can be four times the size of a regular rat, and which can do damage very quickly. There are also smaller variants, which are easier to kill and carry. There are also the regular sized ones, which are sluggish and will generally just sit around and collect food.


Thirdly, we will discuss the recipes which are used to build the various machinery which you may need to take on the roofs of your settlements. These include a giant crane, a mining crane, and a couple of smaller machines. You can build these by combining parts from a few different things, depending on whether you are using a blueprint or a manual. The recipes are included with the mod, but you will need to research them first. Fortunately, it is possible to get the research for the machines by reading a couple of journal entries and by talking to some traders.


Finally, we will talk about the endgame content which is available once you have reached the level cap. The content consists mainly of the rare creatures which you will have to collect and kill, as well as the monsters that will attack you once you are close to them. Once you have the required materials, there will be a mini-game involved which involves picking up items, storing them in chests, and then picking them back up again. When all of the required items are collected, the game will result in one or more rats dropping down from their perch on your roof.

Rats: Ratlantis

This is an enjoyable mod that many players find interesting, although there are those who will not find any appeal at all in it. I myself was somewhat indifferent to the mod, and only found it mildly amusing. That said, I would highly recommend it to other players who are looking for something a bit different from the rest. In fact, it is currently the most popular mod on the server. If you are looking for a fun mod which isn’t too far off from the official MineCraft, it should prove a good choice.

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